Can the latex paint bucket hold water and why the latex paint uses iron bucket?

- Dec 11, 2018-

The latex paint bucket, which is the bucket used to hold the latex paint, is a packaging container for packaging latex paint, and it is widely used at present, which facilitates the transportation and storage of the latex paint. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize and understand the product, and it can be used correctly and fully utilized.

1. Is the product price of the latex paint bucket important?
The product price of latex paint buckets is an important aspect from a professional point of view. Especially in the purchase of this product, it is a specific aspect that cannot be ignored, because only the appropriate price range can be determined. Choose the right product. In consideration of the price of the product, it is necessary to take into account the three specific aspects of real-time quotation, price quotation and wholesale price of the product, which are indispensable.

2. Can the latex paint bucket after washing be filled with water?
Latex paint buckets, after being used and thoroughly cleaned, cannot be filled with water, especially drinking water, mainly for safety and health. Because most of the latex paint is chemical, that is, the latex paint bucket is thoroughly cleaned, it is difficult to ensure that there is no residual substance in the barrel. Therefore, in order to ensure safety and health, do not use latex paint bucket to hold water, especially drinking. water.

3. Is the price of latex paint related to latex paint buckets?
The price of latex paint, irrespective of its price-related factors, is not related to the latex paint bucket, because it does not include the latex paint bucket. However, strictly speaking, there is still some relationship between the two, because the latex paint is used to hold and package the latex paint bucket, so in the cost of the latex paint, the latex paint bucket needs to be taken into consideration, and then Make pricing for latex paint and get specific prices. Therefore, based on this point, the above conclusions will be reached.

4. Why is the packaging of latex paint used in iron drums instead of plastic drums?
Iron drums and plastic buckets, two common and commonly used packaging containers that can be used to package liquids, while latex paints are packed in iron drums instead of plastic drums to avoid latex paint during transportation and plastics. The barrel generates and accumulates static electricity, which poses a safety hazard. And this kind of iron bucket can be called latex paint