Can square can products be customized and have a production line

- Jan 17, 2019-

The square can product is widely used from the current point of view, so it needs to be familiar and understood, so that the other tank can have a correct understanding and understanding, and know where to use it, and then have a good use effect and reach purpose of usage. So, based on this, let's start the work below, and the explanations are as follows.


1. Is there an important consideration when purchasing a square can?

Square cans, when they are purchasing products, need to take into account all relevant factors, and have important considerations or important considerations, but it is necessary to know that as long as they are related to product purchase, It is an important consideration and cannot be considered as some of them, so as not to affect the correct purchase of the product. In addition, there are some factors that must be considered, such as product origin, parameters, quality, price, manufacturer, etc., one can not be missed.


2. Square cans, can it be customized?

Square cans, which can be customized according to some special requirements, and, because they are customized products, they are non-standard products rather than standard products. In the calculation and determination of product prices, it is different from standard products and should be well distinguished so that the price of the product can be accurately calculated and determined, and then the user can choose the right product.


3. Can the tea can be a square can? There is a square can on the drawing, which is 65m\4m\3m. What does it mean?

Tea cans can be either square cans or round cans. Which one to choose depends on the actual situation and the requirements of use. If there is a square can on the drawing, and the representation is 65m\4m\3m, it is the square can size, which is the length, width and height of the square can, that is, the length of the square can is 65m and the width is 4m. The height is 3m.


4. Can the production line be used for the production of square cans? Is there a lot of material?

The production of square cans can be a special production and processing equipment, and a square can production line can be used to obtain the square cans. These two production methods have their own characteristics and can be selected according to product and manufacturing requirements. In order to get a good quality product. The square can is said to have many materials in the material, and can be divided into two categories of metal and non-metal