Can plastic drums be recycled?

- Jul 01, 2020-

The plastic buckets that are commonly used by everyone are used to hold cleaning products and plastic products for shower products. At present, most of the bags used in small supermarkets and shopping malls are made of these materials, which can be heated at 110 ℃, indicating food packaging. Bags can be used to hold food. Plastic products that hold cleaning products and shower products can be used together after careful cleaning, but such utensils are generally not very easy to clean. The remaining original cleaning products have become a hotbed of germs. The cleaning is not complete and does not need to be recycled.

The toxic and harmful substances that are easily caused by plastic products of this kind of material come from two levels, one is the single-molecule structure vinyl chloride that has not been thoroughly polymerized during processing, and the other is the harmful substances in the flame retardant. These two chemicals are easy to dissolve when exposed to high temperatures and vegetable oils, and toxic substances can easily cause cancer when they enter the body with food.