Can iron barrels, waste paint barrels and iron cans be recycled?

- Oct 03, 2020-

Under normal circumstances, the tin can packaging we choose is to add points to the product. If the tin can packaging cannot add points to the product, it will be meaningless. Therefore, we cannot be sloppy about the choice of tin cans. of. Another thing we need to pay attention to when choosing iron drums is the use time of the packaging box. Although iron cans are consumable products, we are also very satisfied if they can be recycled to save a cost. Then, the selected iron cans will not have a great impact on the environment. In fact, we have also known this during this period. We have also paid more and more attention to the issue of environmental protection. Therefore, the products we use should not be wrong. The environment is hazardous.

Iron barrels have unique advantages. On the one hand, metal printing can use a variety of new inks and advanced printing processes, so that the printed surface has good gloss and can be more beautiful. Another aspect is that at the same price Under the circumstance, iron drums and iron boxes will also appear to be relatively high-end, whether in chemical packaging or in various other industries, they will also have great advantages.

Hazardous garbage "Paint buckets are hazardous waste. Paint buckets usually contain paint residues, inks, pigments and HW12 dyes, which will affect the surrounding environment and humans. At present, paint buckets have been listed in the hazardous waste list. It needs to be placed in a hazardous waste collection container".