Bucket manufacturers: plastic bucket use characteristics!

- Dec 07, 2019-

Plastic barrels are mostly used for packaging of solid and liquid products. They have good characteristics. They are not brittle, non-rusty, lightweight, etc., and they are excellent in oil resistance and strong corrosion resistance. Mostly used for packaging of dangerous goods that need heat preservation, moisture resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.

Plastic barrels are mostly made of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester and other plastics by blow molding, injection molding, blistering, and rotomolding. They are mostly used to hold liquid and solid items in the chemical, pesticide, pharmaceutical, food, hardware, electronics, and electrical and mechanical industries . Specifications: 1L--25L plastic buckets with open and close mouths, which can be used to store items or transport turnover.

Plastic barrels do not dissolve harmful substances. Pc polycarbonate, pp polypropylene, abs is a block copolymer of pan-pib-ps. The material itself is non-toxic, and its melting point is above 200 degrees. Water It will not decompose during cooking, but many additives will be added during the molding process, such as strengthening, toughening, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, plasticizer. These are not toxic in themselves. The content of additives in food-grade plastic barrels is strictly limited It is also relatively volatile when released.

The inside of the plastic bucket is engraved with the capacity height. When customers use tons of barrels to fill materials, customers can clearly see the filling height through the transparent liner and accurately control it. The liner purchases first-line genuine high-density polyethylene raw materials such as Dalin Petrochemical and Qilu Petrochemical in South Korea, pure materials, without adding any return materials, to ensure product strength and toughness. There are many colors of plastic barrels available for Mida Packaging. White is conventional tonnage barrels, and blue and black are light-proof barrels. The light-proof barrels are resistant to ultraviolet rays and light aging.https://www.fhpails.com/