Basic conditions for iron drums for packaging dangerous goods

- Jan 11, 2020-

In order to meet the functions of iron drums, iron drums for packaging dangerous goods should have the following conditions according to the nature and transportation characteristics of dangerous goods:

1. The thickness of steel plates used for the production of iron drums, cold-rolled steel plates or galvanized, tin-plated steel plates and auxiliary materials, etc., must be compatible with the nature of the dangerous goods loaded.

2. The iron bucket should have a certain strength and can withstand the general pressure under normal transportation conditions. The greater the weight of a single piece of the same dangerous cargo, the greater the danger, and therefore the higher the strength requirements for the packaging steel drum. For the strength of steel drums containing low boiling point liquids, there must be a sufficient safety factor to withstand the higher pressures that may be generated inside the package. In short, the strength of steel drums should be higher for goods that may cause greater harm.

3. The sealing of iron buckets is required to be tight. And in line with the nature of dangerous and dangerous goods loaded, especially volatile and corrosive, steep and strong items. However, some dangerous goods, on the contrary, require ventilation vents or exhaust valves, which are determined according to the special properties of the dangerous goods installed.

4. There must be a certain degree of adaptability between the inner and outer packaging, and the liner should not rub against and damage the steel drum during transportation. In addition, there should be no flying spurs in the welding seam of the steel barrel to avoid puncture the lining.

5. Iron drums should be able to withstand changes in temperature and humidity within a certain range. Because the export trade is generally long-distance sea transportation, the temperature and humidity of the regions are very different. Therefore, the packaging steel drums for dangerous goods must have a certain moisture-proof outer film. The coating film of the steel drum itself should have certain water resistance, water resistance, good weather resistance and durability. In addition, after filling the goods, the steel drums containing liquid must leave enough space to avoid accidents caused by the expansion of the liquid due to temperature changes.

6. The quality, specifications and form of the packaging steel drum shall be convenient for loading, unloading, transportation and storage. To meet the requirements of international steel drum standards.