Avoid contact with those items when using plastic buckets

- Jun 16, 2019-

Strong acid and alkali will corrode the plastic barrel of plastic products, so that the plastic barrel will be scrapped early. The plastic barrel should avoid touching strong acid and alkali. The sharp metal includes tools, needles, metal scribes, etc., which will pierce the surface of the plastic barrel. The plastic bucket is broken, and the plastic bucket should also avoid touching with sharp metal. When the plastic barrel encounters fire, it will melt, which will soften and deform the plastic barrel and shorten the life of the plastic barrel. Avoid exposure, exposure to sunlight will accelerate the aging of plastic barrels.

Now every household is using plastic buckets, compared to iron drums. The plastic bucket is light and convenient, and it is very convenient for car washing, water storage, industrial use and food storage. It is non-fragile, non-rusting, light and so on, and has good oil and corrosion resistance. Plastic products plastic barrels are available in 5, 10, 15, 16, 18, 20, 25L waterproof coating plastic drums, 10, 25L latex barrels, 4, 18L sealed barrels, 1, 10, 18, 20L oil barrels and 10, 20L food barrel.

The objects used in plastic drums are chemical materials. Chemicals will definitely react chemically when touched for a long time. Manufacturers try to avoid this situation, such as improving the temperature of the barrel and nozzle, lowering the pre-plastic pressure of the screw and reducing the pressure. The rotation speed makes the material slightly loose and reduces the degradation of the plastic due to shear overheating. Declining the plastic barrels may be, the plastic barrel manufacturers should avoid the problems from the beginning, the processing temperature should be controlled, not too high or too low, adhere to a stable temperature, and produce high-quality plastic barrels for users to use To solve the problem from the most fundamental.

How should we correctly distinguish the quality of plastic drums?

Look at the plastic barrel for the relevant production license, dangerous goods package product license. Look at the materials selected by the plastic barrel manufacturers, to optimize the new materials; look at the various performance indicators of plastic barrel products. Such as mechanical strength, heat resistance, and solvent resistance, of course, this depends on the different uses to consider the parameters required for the selected product.

Pay attention to the accuracy of the orientation of the mold unit and the device is strong. The aeration rod is positioned accurately, and the temperature of the parison cutter is adjusted appropriately. Avoid waste products caused by inaccuracies in parts such as molds and blowers, or cause unsafe things. Select suitable plastic materials as molding materials to avoid foreign matter such as impurities or metal in the plastic material to avoid accidental damage to the extruder.

Pay attention to whether the setting of the molding temperature is correct. When the molding temperature does not reach the processing temperature of the plastic material, it is forbidden to start the machine and avoid accidental damage of the extruder. When starting up, especially when the plastic parison is extruded, the operator needs to maintain a certain safety interval with the machine head to avoid the abnormal state of the plastic melt formed due to the high processing temperature, that is, the usual foaming phenomenon. When the temperature is too high, you can wait for the cooling temperature to drop before turning it on. When the machine is turned on, people are prohibited from approaching the machine head to avoid the operator being exposed to high temperature burns of the plastic melt.www.fhpails.com