Are sweet potatoes roasted in chemical barrels on the street poisonous

- Dec 10, 2019-

"Street roasted sweet potatoes are petrol drums, diesel drums and other chemical drums. The sweet potatoes used for roasting have black spot bacteria." As the weather became colder, the aroma of roasted sweet potatoes was scattered on the streets. Recently, the circle of friends has begun to spread the statement that roasted sweet potatoes are "unhealthy"-is this true? 

Chemical barrels are poisonous.

"Most of the roasted sweet potatoes are chemical barrels, which are inherently toxic."-Experts have basically denied this.

First of all, gasoline is volatile. Even the less volatile diesel will burn completely under high-temperature roasting, and the barrels of roasted sweet potatoes are mostly coated with a thick layer of soil. Too worried. And if you use barrels containing industrial raw materials such as benzene, the roasted sweet potatoes will have a pungent odor, so hawkers will not choose to use them.

Can't see "black spot" when cooked?

There is a spread on the Internet that sweet potatoes roasted in chemical barrels often carry black spot disease. It is said that after eating, "emergency symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea will occur, and severe cases will even have high fever, asthma, and convulsions." Is this possible? ?

Experts said that there is indeed "sweet potato black spot disease", but the black spot disease is not necessarily related to whether it is roasted in chemical barrels. The sweet potato with black spot disease is not the same as the roasted black sweet potato. However, if sweet potatoes contaminated with black spot bacteria and good sweet potatoes are roasted together, the black spots that were more obvious on the cooked sweet potatoes are harder to see.