Analysis of material and performance of plastic barrels for chemical industry

- Jun 11, 2019-

The material of this chemical plastic bucket is generally made of high-density polyethylene material, which can also be called low-pressure polyethylene. This kind of plastic barrel welding torch is not well welded. It can also be made of high-pressure polyethylene. The material itself is very soft and has good toughness. At present, there is no glue to bond. If it has to be bonded, it must be treated on the surface before bonding. High density polyethylene is a highly crystalline, non-polar thermoplastic resin. Its original ecology is a translucent object with a milky white surface. High-density polyethylene used in chemical plastic barrels has good electrical properties, especially high dielectric strength, high impact resistance, and good performance at room temperature or low temperature. performance.

Any equipment or product has its own industry standard, and plastic drums are no exception. Chemical plastic barrels, as the name implies, are plastic barrels used in the chemical industry. Due to the special application of the chemical industry, there is a rigid regulation for the industry standard chemical plastic barrels, which must be strictly sealed, so as to prevent unnecessary losses due to leakage of chemical products.

Chemical plastic drums are clearly required to be sealed and airtight. If the liquid contained in the product is dangerous, the plastic drums required for Class I dangerous goods must be able to withstand pressures of 30 Kpa/cm 2 , while Class II and Class III dangerous goods are required. Plastic buckets can also withstand pressures of 20Kpa/cm2. At the same time, the load capacity of the plastic bucket should not exceed 45% of the volume of the plastic bucket (for example, the load capacity of the 240-liter bucket should not exceed 110kg)

Chemical plastic barrels are plastic barrels dedicated to the chemical industry. Due to the particularity of the application industry, their application requirements are also high. Because some chemicals are corrosive and some are hazardous, they should be safe to store and transport. The qualified plastic chemical barrels not only have good sealing performance, but also have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high temperature