Advantages of iron buckets

- Jan 31, 2020-

1. Can be filled with high temperature materials

2. Can also be canned and stored at low temperature.

3, not affected by the change of ultraviolet rays.

4.Iron bucket is an ideal container for ultraviolet sensitive products.

5, less leakage.

(1) Restrictions on raw materials for steel drums Steel drums have low carbon content and good plasticity. Excellent processability makes welding, stamping and protrusion easier to ensure quality. However, hemming is different because the size of the hemming roller groove does not change with the hemming process. The better the material's plasticity, the more difficult it is to transfer forces. If the material of the steel barrel is spring steel like the material of a clock, it is not easy to roll 10 layers, and it is not easy to use 20 layers. It's great to reach the center easily but this material is not possible due to its good elasticity. Therefore, if the encapsulating force disappears after the end of encapsulation, it is easy to return to its initial state. In other words, it is easy to return to the original packaging state. This is obviously not what we need. Therefore, you cannot choose materials with high elasticity. As far as the materials of steel drums in the world are concerned, China's materials are the hardest, so the quality is difficult to guarantee. The number of curling layers does not exceed 7. According to the research of relevant foreign experts, the number of pressure layers of the steel drum does not exceed 7 layers, and the coiling force cannot be transmitted to that level.

(2) Limitations of steel drum coiling technology At present, the world's most advanced coil sealing technology is similar except for the changes in the shape of the crimping roller groove and the coiling speed. This process method is the most economical mass production method with the lowest quality cost. If this is not taken into account, there may be better ways to extend the sealing force so that the crimp reaches more than seven layers. But for steel drum products, seven laminations are enough. If the current roll quality is poor, then you need to look for another problem.

6. Unique stacking method and strength save space for storage and transportation.