Advantages of closed barrel

- Jul 29, 2020-

The closed barrel is one of the main packaging containers used for shipping large quantities of liquid commodities. It is mainly made of high-quality cold-rolled plates through stamping, crazy welding, spraying and other processes, and the quality is reliable. Widely used in industries such as petroleum, chemicals, pesticides, dyes, medicine, spices, food, resins, lubricants, coatings, chemical metallurgy, etc. Here are the advantages of closed barrels.

1. After the chemical treatment of iron phosphate coating on the inside and outside of the closed barrel, there is no oil impurities on the inside, high cleanliness and enhanced rust resistance; the adhesion of the outer coating is greatly improved.

2. The standard triple-layer and seven-layer hemming process is adopted to make the closed barrel have excellent impact resistance and air tightness.

3. The introduction of the W-reinforcement process has improved the horizontal impact resistance of the closed barrel, thereby making the thickness of the closed barrel thinner, and making it possible for customers to reduce costs.

4. This type of closed barrel is suitable for low corrosive chemical raw materials, lubricants, food additives, coatings and resins.