10 tons of plastic drums need to pay attention to during the labeling process

- Jul 15, 2019-

When designing a 10 ton plastic bucket, if the raw material is high density polyethylene, its cross section should be rectangular. If it is low density polyethylene, the cross section is round. When the surface of the plastic bottle is labelled, the surface of the label should be flat. A “sash” can be designed on the surface of a 10 ton plastic bucket to make the label accurately positioned without moving. At the time of blow molding, the parison inflates the portion where it contacts first, and tends to be hardened first. Therefore, the wall thickness of this part is also larger. The edge and the corner portion are the portions where the parison inflates the last contact, and the wall thickness of the portion is small. Therefore, the edges and horns of the plastic bottle should be designed to be rounded.

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